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Maxine brings her passion for people, partnerships and results to each of her clients. She appreciates the essence of brands, organizations and individuals and brings these forces together to create alchemy. 


Maxine’s international career took off when she moved to London as Arden’s Area Director of Europe and then became the company’s International Marketing Director.
During her time overseas, she lived in Rome, Cairo and Paris. After 11 years abroad, Maxine returned to the United States and became President of a direct response company.


She has held or managed many of the positions for which she now recruits. Maxine divides her time between the US and Europe working with clients and candidates. Her frequent travel has helped her develop a unique point of view and in-depth knowledge of the talent base and competitive landscape in the fashion, retail, cosmetics and luxury industries.

Vice President
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As a Principal at Martens & Heads!, Tim focuses on placing senior talent in the luxury, lifestyle and digital areas. He develops strong relationships with clients to build their leadership team with leadership that will not only impact the client company's business, but also enhance the corporate culture.

Tim brings the experience of leading the HR function allowing him to partner with clients to build and enhance their corporate structure, maximizing efficiencies, and providing expert consulting services in the areas of global total compensation, re-organization, HR services and learning and development, assisting our clients in their long-term people strategy.

Tim understands the international marketplace and the nuances of working with global brands, especially 
those at the inflection point of entering the US. During his tenure as Head of HR North America, Tim doubled the size of the U.S. subsidiary of Milan-based YOOX Group. Later, he defined the organizational structure for UK clothing retailer Jack Wills, setting the stage for continued growth in the U.S. and Canada. In both roles, Tim built strong relationships with major
stakeholders in Italy, China, Japan and the UK, giving him the unique understanding of how to service international clients.

European Associate
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An American based in Paris, Mary Gallagher has been working in the European fashion industry for twenty-five years. Mary joined Martens & Heads at its launch in 2004 and worked with the company until 2008. After an 18-month hiatus spent in Boston, Massachusetts, Mary rejoined Martens and Heads in January 2010.

Mary brings a unique perspective on search and the fashion
industry, garnered from her years as an industry insider. Prior to
Martens and Heads, Mary was the Buying Consultant for the
prestigious fashion store, Harvey Nichols. Her success in
introducing some of the world's new creative international talent
and top-tier brands in ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories and
beauty contributed to Harvey Nichols’ authority as a fashion

Mary returned to fashion journalism and London in the early nineties as Executive Fashion and Beauty Editor of Marie Claire UK. Mary continues her journalistic contributions as a
freelance writer.

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Colleen joined Martens & Heads earlier this year, bringing with her over 5 years of corporate Human Resources experience. Her expertise in Human Resources has been integral to the support of retailers big and small, domestic and international. She understands the importance of client partnerships, candidate experience, and business acumen, providing all a positive experience.

Her background in Human Resources allows her to see the “big picture” for each client’s organization and each open position. She understands the importance of company culture and
identifying top talent that will thrive in the given environment.
Colleen applies a high-touch approach with her clients and candidates ensuring the best possible outcome for her recruiting projects. She is passionate about communication and assessment and leverages her corporate experience to solidify strong working relationships.

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Anna brings design expertise and an international perspective to her work in recruitment. A native Californian living in Paris, she has 9 years of beauty and fashion industry experience. She
is passionate about relationship building and connecting transformational talent with beautiful brands.

Her background in fashion, beauty, and editorial photography, gives Anna a unique perspective on recruiting design talent. Having worked within the creative collaborative process, she
understands the importance of visualizing candidates within the context of the brand and the company culture to facilitate creative development and growth.

Anna has her BA in Art History and considers herself a lifelong learner. She has a curious spirit, loves meeting people from diverse backgrounds, and sharing multicultural experiences with her friends and family.

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Alisha brings over 10 years of global fashion and retail experience to the Martens & Heads team. Her passion for people, building businesses and the evolving retail industry help support clients in creating teams that will drive businesses forward.

Staying close to both start-up and larger brands moving the needle, Alisha has a pulse on the innovative and digital mindset that is helping shape the industry. Her background across diverse functions inside brands bring a thorough understanding of roles and challenges employees and companies face, as well as, insight into a state-of-the art talent that delivers results and grow teams.

Successful in-store management taught her to recognize consumer-centric strategies. She has worked on the corporate level in Planning/Allocation for a $100M e-commerce and brick-and mortar business, collaborating closely with Merchandising, and also helped a $3B corporation expand internationally, online, and wholesale.

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